Planting Seeds

“Hop in the car, boys, it’s time to head over to the Johnsons’ and do spring cleanup!” Last weekend, as Part of Yellow Giraffe Learning’s 5 for 5 Give Back Campaign, (where Yellow Giraffe donates 1 hour of time/$ to a good cause, and 1 hour free kickoff

Last weekend, as Part of Yellow Giraffe Learning’s 5 for 5 Give Back Campaign, (where Yellow Giraffe donates 1 hour of time/$ to a good cause, and 1-hour free kickoff meeting to clients), owner Gabriella Broady decided to involve her family in the experience.

Brendan helpingThe Broady family, consisting of Gabriella, husband Dan, and two sons, volunteered with the HOME program, which stands for “Home & Outdoor Maintenance for the Elderly.” The assignment? Help seniors in the community with getting their yard/homes in shape for the spring.

Here are some of the lessons they learned:

1. You never know where the best stories will come from, or when. 16-year old Brendan and 10-year old Logan were amazed to hear stories from Mr. Johnson, a WWII Navy veteran who was at Pearl Harbor.

As the boys put away the rakes and gardening tools, Mr. Johnson showed them pictures on the wall of his garage, which included an aerial photo of the ships in the harbor prior to that fateful day, and the ship on which Mr. Johnson served.

Logan & Brendan asked a ton of questions, which Mr. Johnson was delighted to answer. The looks of wonder, alarm, and curiosity on the boys’ faces said it all.

2. People have a wide, and sometimes surprising array of passions, knowledge, and expertise.Gabriella and Logan spent time with Mrs. Johnson weeding flower beds, and during that time, discussed activities that the boys are involved with at school, etc.

Logan and Mrs. Johnson soon became enthusiastically embroiled in a conversation about baseball and the Minnesota Twins. Mrs. Johnson follows stats and players’ names as closely as Logan; Logan was extremely impressed and mentioned his surprise on the family’s drive home. 

3. When you help others, you get as much out of it as those you endeavor to help. 

Upon leaving the Johnson’s home, both families were giving hugs, handshakes, and had beaming smiles on their faces. Brendan remarked, “That was so easy – they were SO fun! We can totally do that again. I can’t believe those stories! I hope we get to do more for them! Can you believe he was my age when he enlisted!?” Logan said, “I think they like having us around to talk to even more than they cared about getting yard work done! I can’t believe how much Mrs. J knows about baseball!!”

Logan helpingGabriella and Dan Broady smiled, knowing their boys gave as much as they got with this volunteer experience!

As we approach Memorial Day Weekend, Yellow Giraffe Learning Partners would like to thank all of our veterans; we honor your sacrifice.

Owner Gabriella Broady and her family would also like to thank our clients for continuing to provide opportunities for small business owners, and thank the Johnsons for planting seeds of knowledge in us with their stories.