YGLP 2011 By the Numbers

Thank you to clients, business partners, and mentors for another great year with Yellow Giraffe Learning Partners (YGLP). Your support is priceless, and we appreciate you!

Here is a summary of what we’ve accomplished through our partnership with you:

Repeat Business is Critical
One way to know a company is successful in partnering with clients is to look at repeat business. Yellow Giraffe Learning Partners is happy to share that:
• 4 client projects in 2011 were repeat clients from 2010
• 2 additional clients called upon YGLP for more than one project in 2011

Thank you for your continued support in 2011. As consultants, it is a special treat to work with multiple areas of one organization and helps us to have a more strategic view when we partner with you.

Referrals and New Business
2011 was an exciting year for Yellow Giraffe Learning Partners as we collaborated with new organizations and industries. Referrals continue to be a source of clients, as do social media efforts. YGLP also refers talented professionals to projects regularly as a way to pay it forward.
• 7 new clients in 2011
• 3 referrals led to new client projects in 2011
• 2 new industries, including Financial/Life Insurance and Semiconductor Manufacturing

Thank you for trusting Yellow Giraffe Learning enough to refer and/or partner with us this year. We love working with you to enhance employee and organization development goals.

Collaborations with Other Consultants
Owner Gabriella Broady loves working with talented people, and she sees collaboration with other learning and development professionals as a win-win arrangement for all involved.
• 6 talented colleagues hired as subcontractors
• 1 part-time employee was hired to assist with accounting and administrative duties

Either as a solo consultant or using multiple consultants, we commit to meeting and exceeding your project objectives.

Fascinating Projects
1. Creating programs from scratch was a theme embraced in 2011. Organizations were ready to hire again, and needed Yellow Giraffe Learning Partners to design, develop, and implement programs to maximize global sales, customer service, and onboarding processes.
• Global Sales Training – E-learning
• Global Customer Service & Onboarding Training – Blended Learning
• Global Onboarding – E-learning
• Leader Onboarding – Blended Learning

Partnering with organizations to provide them with tools needed to work with their customers and to minimize “getting up to speed” time for new employees: priceless.

2. Performance Support & On the Job centered learning was a second theme for the year.
• Robotics/Semiconductor on-the-job troubleshooting experiences
• Leadership “Desk Mentor” toolkit for new managers
• S.P.O.T. checklists for sales opportunities at the customer site

Can’t Win ‘Em All
As with any organization, Yellow Giraffe Learning Partners did not earn every project we sought in 2011. This is an excellent reminder that there is always room for improvement in any organization.
• 6 proposals submitted to 5 different organizations were instead awarded to other consulting firms, or in a few cases, the organization decided not to pursue the initiative.

Yellow Giraffe Learning Partners appreciates the opportunity to seek projects with your organization. We’re open to future opportunities that may arise.

Revenue Increase
Yellow Giraffe Learning Partners is thrilled to announce 2011 as the best year since 2009 incorporation.
• 94% increase in earnings, almost doubling 2010 earnings
• Sad Note: 1 client did not meet client obligations in 2011 due to inability to pay; otherwise YGLP would have doubled earnings over 2010

What a great year! YGLP’s Company Plan was to meet or exceed 2010 earnings, as 2010 was a 24% increase over 2009. However, Yellow Giraffe Learning Partners first and foremost has a goal to do “interesting work” that challenges us, and affords us the opportunity to assist organizations with developing their workforce.

Giving Back
As a consulting business focused on developing others through education, Yellow Giraffe Learning Partners also firmly believes in supporting the global and local community.
• 2 years in business in 2011, and YGLP donates to 2 charities
• Mentored undergrad and graduate students in the field of learning and development
• Provided interview coaching for those unemployed
• Served on the Board of American Society of Training and Development, Twin Cities

Lessons Learned
Despite over 2.5 years in business, owner Gabriella Broady is still constantly learning new things about herself and how she wants to partner with clients, colleagues, and subcontractors. Decisions about how to scope projects for proposals, whom to hire as a subcontractor, and forecasting availability are added to the necessity of executing on projects that have already been earned. Passion, drive, and hard work continue to see us through and keep us bright eyed as we head into 2012.

To sum it up, 2011 has been a very rewarding year at Yellow Giraffe Learning Partners. We appreciate your trust, partnership, and commitment to us, and we return that commitment to you.

Many happy returns!