Cracks in the Sidewalk

When you are walking in a public place in a group, what happens when you see another group coming toward you? Do you: Compress your group to walk single file so the other group can pass without shifting? Keep walking 2-4 people wide so that the other group needs to walk single file? Shift toContinue reading “Cracks in the Sidewalk”

A Public Restroom: Design Matters!

Ideas come in the strangest places. A reflection on learning design comes from, of all places, the ladies restroom at the public library. How would a visit to the ladies room at the public library translate into reflections on e-learning design, you might ask? Consider this story for a moment. I was on my wayContinue reading “A Public Restroom: Design Matters!”

You Must Be…

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is an adage many in the United States grew up hearing from parents, teachers, and other community members. Simply put, it means that one should not assume to know something about a person, place, or thing just by appearances. As business professionals, as parents, as community members, howContinue reading “You Must Be…”

To Say or Not to Say: Corporate Refugee

A new term has hit my radar this week: corporate refugee. At several local meetings, people have introduced themselves by indicating that they are “corporate refugees”. I had not heard this term before, but a few connotations sprang to mind: a) this person was persecuted or had horrible situations occur at his/her last job, andContinue reading “To Say or Not to Say: Corporate Refugee”