Voice: The Gift of a Question


Part 2 in a series on Voice. (Part 1: Voice of Accountability)

Why do people ask questions at work? Is it because they weren’t paying attention? Might they be new to a job or process? Could they be curious? Is it possible they are seeking understand before offering an idea?

To ask or not to ask, that is the question. Think about the last five questions people in your life have asked you. Did those questions elicit the same immediate response from you? Did it matter who was asking the question, when or how the question was asked? Being asked questions is a daily part of the work environment; it’s important to consider the impact of how we hear and react to questions asked of us during our busy day.

Tips for Receiving Questions at Work

  • Assume positive intent
  • Assure the questioner that it is “ok” to ask questions and that you appreciate them asking
  • Use appreciative inquiry; seek to understand the why behind the question
  • Consider the impact if the question had not been asked
  • Ask for time to consider the person’s question and get back to him/her; it’s okay not to have an answer right away

Your response to questions has the power to encourage – and discourage – others from asking questions and perhaps seeking your input in the future.


Published by Standing Tall

Standing tall, telling stories about the way we work and live, reminding us why we stick our neck out every day. Using my voice to follow my passion to help us all learn.

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